Our Approach

We help individuals, teams, and groups think about who they are and how they show up.  We explore the impact they want to have alongside the impact they are having.  We ask how they pursue individual goals and align them with those of the organization or with their own sense of purpose.

We help people grow and become more of the people they were meant to be, bring more of themselves into the world, and help motivate others to do so.  We help people develop emotional intelligence, bring a sense of coherence to their lives and their work, and connect more deeply with what drives them and gives them energy.

People tell Ali that working with her helps them discover and articulate what they really want, explore what gets in the way, remove limiting assumptions and move in the right direction.


We work with exciting young entrepreneurial tech companies like Verve, centers of academic learning and influence like the University of Oxford, membership organizations like YPO, the Presidents Insitute and Institutional Investor memberships.  We work with some of the worlds largest asset managers, insurance companies and law firms including Skadden, Freshfields and Hogan Lovells.


Working with Ali has been central to our company developing a culture of freedom, mastery and ownership.  She brings positive energy, wisdom and experience and has a rare ability to connect with, and meaningfully challenge, all members of our diverse leadership team.  She is an extraordinary executive coach and I highly recommend her to other technology start-ups.

Callum Negus-Fancey  Founder and CEO, Verve


Ali is skilled at quickly gaining the trust and confidence of the students she coaches, to explore what motivates and matters to them.  Students she has coached say that she has helped them experience profound shifts in their thinking and increase their effectiveness in multiple areas of their lives.  She brings a high level of commitment and professionalism to all her work, and I have no hesitation in recommending her as an experienced leadership coach.

Kathy Harvey, Associate Dean MBA and Executive Degrees


Ali Hall is a gifted forum facilitator who can hold her own with any group. When I was looking for a person who could work with the YPO International Board, Ali's name rose to the top of the list. She was well prepared and instantly earned the respect of the 21 CEO's on the board (as well as spouse partners in a separate session). Ali helped me deliver an awesome meeting for our directors.

McKeel Hagerty
YPO International Board Chairman

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